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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Grant Tragedy I

The Late Tragedy in New Kent
(correspondence of the Richmond Daily Dispatch)

New Kent C.H. Va., Jan. 4, 1858.

The very startling intelligence of a most brutal murder perpetrated upon the person of James C. Grant, reached this place this morning, which has created the highest state of excitement through out the whole neighborhood.
 Mr Grant resided in the vicinage of the Cross Roads, which is immediately on the stage road leading from Richmond to Williamsburg.
Prior to the Perpetration of this black and heinous crime, there had occurred various family feuds, which would have resulted in litigation, but for the sudden demise of Grant.
 His sister, Miss Kittie, alleged that he shot at her with the intention of killing her, whereupon the deceased charged his sister with having purloined some very valuable papers from his desk, consisting chiefly of bonds and accounts.
Soon after nightfall, on last evening, between the hours of six and seven o'clock, after he had returned to his home from feeding his stock, he took a seat the tea table, which was in the form of a crescent, and sitting between the door and window, but fronting somewhat diagonally with the latter. While in the act of raising a cup of coffee to his mouth, some fiend in human shape discharged a pistol through the window at him. The pistol was loaded with bullets five of which took effect in his head and neck, killing him instantaneously. The impression prevailing the community is that one of the white members of the family was instrumental in having Grant shot. 
A negro man named Dick, having manifested some indications of alarm before the coroner's jury, was arrested and committed to jail. 
When all the disclosures shall have been made relative to this murder, they will be as black as hell.



Dyke was the Daily Dispatch's sometime New Kent correspondent.

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