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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Grant Tragedy II

The New Kent Tragedy. — We gave an account yesterday morning of the horrid murder of Mr Jas.Grant of New Kent county, on Sunday night last, while sitting at the supper table with his mother and one of his sisters. The murderer it seems approached a window to the dining room in rear of Mr, Grant, and discharged a gun loaded with buck shot directly into the back of his head, fourteen of the missiles passing entirely through it killing him instantly. Soon after the murder several of the neighbors were called in, and enquiry's(sic) were at once instituted with the hope of discovering the murderer, but no satisfactory conclusion was arrived at. On Monday a Coroner's inquest was held, when Mrs. and Miss Grant were examined, but the jury were unable to learn any particulars pointing to the murder, the servants on the farm were also examined, and from their testimony the Coroner had a yellow fellow named Dick, slave to Mrs. Grant, arrested and committed for the murder. Dick had been allowed the use of a gun with he shot squirrels for his old mistress at various times A gentleman directly from the neighborhood, informs me that Mrs. Grant had two or three daughters, one of whom was shot at on the night of the 27th of December, immediately after which she fled her home and had not returned when her brother was murdered. The statement of Dick went far to implicate him in the murder, and he may yet give his motive for the crime,

-the Richmond Daily Dispatch, Jan 6, 1858.

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