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Monday, November 18, 2013

Eat Your Hearts Out . . .

. . . present day hunters . . .

Schools Close for Hunting
Providence Forge, VA.,
Nov. 22 (AP)- Schools in game-rich Charles City and Kent Counties shouldn't be plagued too much this year with truants during the hunting season. Pupils were given this entire week off. 
Schools boards in the two counties granted a three-day holiday the first of the week to coincide with the hunting season. With the traditional two-day Thanksgiving holiday and Saturday, the young hunters have six days in the woods. 
G.M. Hodge, Superintendent of Schools in both counties, said the pupils always get a three day holiday when teachers attend workshop sessions. These workshops were scheduled to coincide withe the start of hunting season in an attempt to cut down on the usual absentee rate.

-The Washington Post, Nov 23, 1961

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