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Monday, January 13, 2014

Denoument: The Drake Divorce III

 The long awaited (or at least long being posted) finale of the Drake marital imbroglio from the Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Thursday December 4, 1834 . . .

 Mr. Christian presented a petition of Louisa W. Drake, for a divorce from her husband Robert Drake, which was ordered to be referred to the committee for courts of justice, that they do examined the matter thereof, and report their opinion thereupon to the house.

. . . and on Tuesday December 16th

The committee for courts of justice have, according to order, had under consideration the petition of Louisa W. Drake, to them referred, praying to be divorced from her husband Robert Drake, and have come to the following resolution thereupon:
Resolved, as the opinion of this committee, That the prayer of the said petitioner be rejected.
The said resolution was, on the question put thereupon agreed to by the house, an unsuccessful motion having been made by Mr. Greogry to reverse the decision of the committee, by striking therefrom the words "be rejected," and insertine in lieu therof, the words "is reasonable."

. . . so divorce, 1830's style- rather difficult.

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