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State Highway Marker

Friday, January 24, 2014

Walking Across the York River- Winter 1857

WEATHER IN NEW KENT.- YORK RIVER FROZEN OVER- A correspondent of the Petersburg Express, writing from New Kent county, Va, on the 26th inst, says,
Every public highway is now obstructed with snow from three to ten feet in depth, and water has congealed in close room, within a few inches of a blazing oak and hickory fire.
Pamunkey river is frozen entirely across with ice twelve inches in thickness, and the York and Mattaponi rivers are in the same condition, so far as can be perceived with the aid of a strong lens. A gentleman, named Penny, walked across York river last Saturday, at a point where it is three miles in width, and the water as salt as that around Neptune's footstool, if he ever had a resting place for his pedal extremities. The steamer Sea Bird is said to be at Bigler's wharf, York river, with her paddle wheels firmly locked in by the ice.
It is the impression of venerable tillers of the soil hereabouts, that the wheat crop will suffer material damage from the freeze.

-The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Va.) February 3, 1857

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