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State Highway Marker

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

" . . . a rumor which located the Yankees at the White House"

Thursday morning...January 21, 1864
A Yankee dash on New Kent.
At daylight yesterday morning a company of Yankee cavalry made a dash on the pickets stationed below New Kent Court-House. The pickets were wide awake, however, and gave them a salute, and ran in, none of them being captured. Finding their plan, whatever that was, frustrated, the cavalry wheeled and went back in a hard gallop in the direction of Williamsburg, from whence they came.

The Yankees at the white House.
The York River train which went out yesterday morning with a number of workmen charged with the removal of several damaged engines from a point below Tunstall's, put back after getting a few miles below Richmond, upon information of a rumor which located the Yankees at the White House. It was not stated in what force they appeared nor what was the object of their visit there.

-The Daily Dispatch: January 21, 1864.

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