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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Plums from the Times

                                                     Plum Point Plums.

(Special Dispatch to The Times.)
PLUM POINT. VA., Sept. 16.-Mr. R. E. Richardson, who has for a good many years been running a store at Plum Point, is now packing up to move in his large and elegant store house at West Point. Mr. G. L. Farinhold(sic) has rented the Plum Point store from Mr. Richardson and will begin business at once.
Mr. Houston, of New York. who recently bought the Brick House farms proposes to buy all the adjoining farms and colonize a good many western farmers.
The farmers are rushing their fodder pulling for fear that frost will catch them, as it is so cold. We find it very comfortable by a fire.

- The Richmond Times., September 17, 1902

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