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Friday, May 9, 2014

"It is ascertained from a source deemed worthy of credit"- May 1864

the enemy on the Peninsula
From information derived from persons who reached the city by the York River yesterday, we learn that the enemy have advanced a cavalry force to New Kent C. H., within six miles of the York River Railroad, and drove in Col. Shingler's pickets. The force at West Point having completed the repairs to the wharf are busily engaged rebuilding the railroad in this direction.
It is ascertained from a source deemed worthy of credit that the enemy have a force of six thousand men at Williamsburg, and that the negro troops from Gloucester Point have all been sent to Burnside.
A deserter, who reached the city yesterday evening from the Yankee army on the Peninsula, states that it is generally under stood among the troops that Richmond is to be attacked by a combined movement of several different columns and a fleet of gunboats and turreted monitors.

-The Daily Dispatch: May 6, 1864.

The movements on the Peninsula.
The Yankee force which has been at West Point for a week broke up their camp on Thursday, and when last heard from were marching in the direction of Old Church, in Hanover county. They number about 4,000. It is said that Gen. Butler is with this force, though from other sources we hear that he is with Baldy Smith on the other side of the river.
They have advanced up to the bridge which crosses the Chickahominy river.
In King William county, the force named burned the dwellings of Col. Hill and Mr. Sanford, and ravished a negro woman, besides committing other outrages of a similar fiendish character.

-The Daily Dispatch: May 7, 1864.

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