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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Landing at West Point- 1864

From the Peninsula.--the enemy Landing at West Point.
From a reliable source we learn that on yesterday morning two gunboats and two transports came up to West Point and landed several hundred troops, who immediately set to work and repaired the wharf at that place. In the evening twenty-six transports arrived and landed a large number of troops, estimated at about twelve thousand. They threw out cavalry pickets as far as West Point Church, seven miles this side of West Point.
It was reported at Tunstall's Station when the cars left that they had also landed from seven boats at Maj. Balley's, in New Kent, only fifteen miles from Tunstall's, though we have no confirmation of the report.

-The Daily Dispatch: May 3, 1864.

The News.
From the Peninsula we have no material change to note. The enemy are busily engaged in repairing the wharf at West Point, and a few cavalry have made their appearance at that place. The forces which have been withdrawn from Charleston, and who are reported to have sailed South, may make their appearance in this direction.

-The Daily Dispatch: May 5, 1864

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