State Highway Marker

State Highway Marker

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"The marauders who are in New Kent"- May 1864

The Peninsula.
There is no movement of importance to report on the Peninsula. The latest intelligence brought by a gentleman who yesterday morning left a point in New Kent, 22 miles from Richmond, confirms the report that there are no troops as high as that. The marauders who are in New Kent and vicinity were negro cavalry. They captured Mr. Ball, a citizen, and carried him off. They also visited Rural Shades, and destroyed the dwelling-house there. The residence of Theodore Lacy was burnt, and the dwelling of Allen Rome, in Gloucester, was also destroyed.

-The Daily Dispatch: May 9, 1864.

This may very well be Elijah Ball, 55 and a magistrate. He owned Ropers Neck and Windsor Shades on the north shore of the Chickahominy, both of these farms would be on the route of Union forces moving from Diascund Bridge to Jones Bridge.

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