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Monday, May 19, 2014

"They Burn Bottom's bridge"- Sheridan on the Chickahominy.

The departure of the raiders from around Richmond — they Burn Bottom's bridge.
On Thursday evening, about sundown, the forces under Sheridan, which have been before the city for several days, commenced their movement down the Peninsula. A good many horses which had been tired out they shot, leaving the carcases on their camping ground. Blankets were torn into strips, and accoutrements burnt. The Meadow bridges were rebuilt, and the tressel work over the railroad bridge across the Chickahominy was covered with hewn logs so as to admit the passage of horses over it.
Upon crossing he destroyed the bridges, marched up to Mechanicville, and then struck into the range of hills formerly occupied by McClellan as a camping ground.--Their train of wagons was about a mile long. Thursday night they camped about seven miles below the city, and yesterday they reached Bottom's bridge, which they burnt. Before reaching this bridge they drove in our pickets at New bridge, and burnt that. They then continued on their way down towards the river.
The prisoners of this party, of whom thirty-one were brought in yesterday, represent that it was a picked command, intended for the capture of the city, and seem at a loss to account for the failure to assault the works.
It is more than probable that Sheridan has gone to the river to cross over and join Butler, as the road he has taken will bring him to the river in the vicinity of City Point.

-The Daily Dispatch: May 14, 1864

Arrival of prisoners.
--Ninety-six Yankee prisoners were received at the Libby on Saturday evening from Hanover Junction. They were captured at Beaver Dam, Spotsylvania Court-House, and other places in Northern Virginia. Among them were in Northern Virginia. Among them were the following commissioned officers: First Lieutenants R. Sweetman, 5th U. S. cavalry; John A. Goodwin and E. S. Wilson, 1st Massachusetts cavalry; Second Lieutenant R. P. Wilson, 5th U. S. cavalry. Two prisoners, captured at Bottom's bridge, and connected with the late raiding party above Richmond, were brought in yesterday.

-The Daily Dispatch: May 16, 1864

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