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Thursday, June 12, 2014


 . . .  actually Mastodons(Mammutidae) and Gomphotheriidae are two different families, but you get the point . . .

"A partial deciduous premolar from a gomphothere is reported from the Late Miocene Eastover Formation in New Kent County, Virginia. This represents the first definitive occurrence of a terrestrial mammal from the Eastover Formation."
"The Eastover Formation is an unconsolidated marine sand to clay located on the Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain. The unit has been identified at least as far north as the Virginia side of the Potomac River (Ward 2005) and perhaps into southern Maryland (Ward and Blackwelder 1980), and to the south along the Trent and Neuse Rivers in North Carolina (Ward 2008a; Ward and Blackwelder 1980)."
Order PROBOSCIDEA Illiger 1811
" . . .a partial lower deciduous premolar. Collected by Rose Schooff and Christie Aldridge-Nunn from the Schooff Property, New Kent County, Virginia."

-The First Terrestrial Mammal from the Late Miocene Eastover Formation of Virginia
Jeffersoniana #29

Brian Lee Beatty and Alton C. Dooley, J

 More here.

Jeffersoniana is a publication of the Virginia Museum of Natural History

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