State Highway Marker

State Highway Marker

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The XVIII Corps Moves up the Pamunkey III

More on the illustration from the other day . . .

Maj Gen Smiths Expedition disembarking at the White House- LOC

  • Title inscribed upper left.
  • Inscribed vertically upper right with indicators: Ruins of the White House; the scene of Washington's courtship & marriage; the tent by Pilchard.
  • Inscribed within image: men bathing; soldiers stripping, &c.
  • Inscribed on verso: This is only a small portion of the force shown here as there were many large vessels employed such as the John Brooks, the George Leary, the Escort, the Metamone[sic]-all similar to the Hudson river & sound boats but which I have not the opportunity of sketching if Mr Parsons has drawings of these vessels if the view is thought interesting enough they might be introduced covered with troops hanging on like bees. For description see the letters of Mr. Winser in the Times. W.W.
  • Published in: Harper's Weekly, June 18, 1864.
  • Gift, J.P. Morgan, 1919

. . . and some more on the artist himself, William Waud, here and here.

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